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WAVIA Education  Executive  Program

A 3.5 day immersive experience.

  • Understand how key technologies like AI, AR/VR, blockchain, digital biology & more are impacting the

  • Understand how digital transformation will impact your industry and uncover the opportunities it will bring

  • Help come up with solutions to humanity's biggest challenges

  • Be amongst global leaders creating the future


Beyond Traditional Education

Discover how to create exponential impact.


Global Cohort of Changemakers

Build a better future together.


World-Class Experts

Learn directly from those leading the way and creating impact.

The Program


Throughout the program you will  hear from global experts in the fields of exponential technologies and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are most critical to Australia's future.

Workshops and discussions facilitate focused conversations about the opportunities and challenges that Australia now faces and how you can play a leadership role in defining our future.

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The WAVIA Executive Education Program curriculum is designed specifically to address opportunities and challenges that are uniquely Australian. This includes exponential technologies, transformational practices, and relevant global challenges and opportunities, each taught by a member of our world-class Expert Faculty.

You’ll leave with a comprehensive overview of covered topic areas and an understanding of recent major innovations and the implications they have on industries, society, and our future.

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Who you'll meet

When you attend the WAVIA Executive Education Program, you’ll be part of a lively cohort of dynamic leaders and change-makers from across Australia who will deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective of our changing world.

Our programs attract senior management, such as CEOs, CTOs, EVPs, SVPs, and R&D leaders, as well as leading entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, regulators, and thought leaders who represent the future of their industries and lead initiatives that have the potential to reshape the way the world works.

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If you join us in person, you will find Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort a premier venue. 

Situated in the Hunter Valley, this idyllic natural setting is in the heart of wine country and makes for a great city escape and an ideal environment for transformation. 

Coupling luxury, self-contained villa accommodation in one, two and three bedroom configurations with thoughtful in-room appointments and elegant furnishings, each apartment features a modern kitchen, fireplace, spacious living and dining areas and private balcony overlooking the resort’s verdant bushland and 18-hole championship golf course.

Check In: November 16 
Check Out: November 20




The program fee is $9,500+GST and includes all program sessions accomnodation, meals and all activities.

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Exponential Technologies Are Building The Future Today

Join the WAVIA Executive Education Program and explore how accelerating technologies are impacting your business. Turn challenges into opportunities and lead your organisation to success.


* Program and speakers are subject to change

  • Day 1 - Monday May 22nd

    • Welcome

      We will set expectations for the next few days and get to know each other. We examine core frameworks such as the 6Ds of Exponential Organisations and explain how you can use them.

      16:30 Executive Registration

      17:30 Welcome to Delegates - Christina Gerakiteys, Lisa Andrews

      17:40 Video from Peter Diamandis


      Let’s Get Started

      17:45 Disruptive Thinking in the Age of Transformation - Jeff Rogers

      19:20 Intro to Exponentials - Katy Cooper

      20:05 Australia’s Role in an Exponential Future - Jeffrey, Lisa, Christina

      22:00 Wrap

  • Day 2 - Tuesday May 23rd

    Reframing Your Perspective

    The exponential factors driving our future are artificial intelligence, robotics and leadership. Leaders will require the ability to shift and adapt fluidly in order to positively impact humanity. 

    The Davos Manifesto released in January 2020 challenges businesses to redefine who they are and how they operate, this on the back of the US Business Roundtable, America’s most influential business lobby group, announcing it would embrace stakeholder capitalism in 2019.

    Today we weave tools to help shift mindset and achieve maximum impact, through a journey into the future.

    A Change of Mindset

    8:00 Breakfast

    8:50 Wellness Session

    9:00 Welcome Back - A World of Change 
    Christina Gerakiteys and Lisa Andrews

    9:15 Developing a Moonshot Mindset - Christina Gerakiteys

    10:15 A Road Map for the Future - Katy Cooper

    11:00 Break

    11:30 Amplifying Healing through Music - Frank Fitzpatrick

    12:30 Lunch

    13:20 Wellness Session

    Stepping into the Future

    13:30 The Futures Wheel - Meredith England

    14:00 The Future of Mobility - Dr. Kellie Nuttall

    14:30 Break

    Tech and Society

    15:00 The Future of AI: Seizing the Opportunity - Nicolas Aidoud, Simone Planté

    17:00 Break

    17:25 Execution: Applying the 6Ds Framework from the knowledge of the day

    18:10 The Daily Wrap - Christina Gerakiteys

    19:00 Dinner

    The Future of Us Part 2

    The Future of Us - An Exponential Hypothetical - Moderator Jon Yeo
    Volunteer or be Voluntold for our panel where you will be presented with a series of situations. How will you respond?

  • Day 3 - Wednesday May 24th

    Scanning the Horizon

    Today we focus on further specific technologies and Global Grand Challenges that will play an important role in determining Australia’s future.

    We will look back thousands of years listening to the wisdom and ways of the traditional owners of this land.

    Uncle Paul Gordon is a Njemba man, and one of the highest initiated Aboriginal men in New South Wales. Joe Williams is a proud Wiradjuri/Wolgarlu, First Nations Aboriginal man who played for Souths and authored of Defying the Enemy Within.

    The focus is then on the Future of Us. What ethical considerations will be required when applying technology in the future and how will we manage its impact on society?

    7:00 Light Breakfast

    7:30 Depart for Baiame Cave
             Expectations for the day en route

    8:30 Arrive at Baiame Cave - Looking Back to Look Forward GGC1 - Uncle Paul Gordon

    11:30 Welcome Back - A World of Change - Christina Gerakiteys

    12:30 Lunch

    The Future of Us

    13:30 Programming the Future of Life - Workshop Dr. Tiffany J. Vora

    Australia’s Challenges and Opportunities

    15:00 UN Sprint - Brett Martin and Ana Ouriques

    16:00 Afternoon Tea

    16:30 Looking Forward GGC2 Food - Vanessa Matthijssen

    17:15 Looking Forward GGC5 Technology - Peter Xing

    18:00 The Daily Wrap up - Christina Gerakiteys

    19:00 Dinner




  • Day 4 - Thursday May 25th

    Forecasting & Execution  

    What does it mean to be exponential? What role must each of us play in creating the future? What lies at the intersection of humanity and technology? And how will you respond as leaders? 

    Today we develop your Execution Plan, identifying opportunities for the SingularityU Australia community to achieve set goals.

    8:00 Light Breakfast

    Where to From Here

    9:00 Welcome Back & Expectations for the Day - Christina Gerakiteys

    9:15 Future Forecasting and the FBI - Brad Twynham

    9:45 Future Forecasting - Data, AI and Hyper Personalisation - Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys

    10:45 Break 

    11:15 Future Forecasting - At the Nexus of Economics, Environment and Social Impact - Nicki Hutley

    12:00 Future Forecasting - Implementing Abundance - Lisa Andrews 

    12:45 Lunch

    Making Change Happen

    13:45 Moonshot Revisited - Fires Floods and a Pandemic - Discussion, Moderator - Christina Gerakiteys

    14:30 Polarity Thinking - Jeff Rogers

    15: 30 Break

    16:00 Close - Bounce Forward - Sam Cawthorn

    17:00 Wrap - Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys

    17:30 Graduation Ceremony + 60 Second Reflection

    18:30 Graduation Dinner

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.


  • What is the focus of the Executive Program?

    At the WAVIA Executive Education Program we will provide you with a set of proven tools for integrating technologies and nimble innovation practices into your organisation, including: design thinking, DIY tools, future forecasting, and open source approaches to innovation. You’ll uncover actionable insights about the trends that are already shaping our future including:

    • The continued emergence of AI and machine learning that are complementing human jobs
    • The rise of “digital twinning”
    • The future design of cities
    • Biotechnology and longevity


    The Executive Education Program curriculum includes exponential technologies, transformational practices, and relevant global challenges and opportunities, each taught by current experts. You’ll leave with a comprehensive overview of covered topic areas, an understanding of recent major innovations, and the implications they have on industries, society, and our future. Prepare to be transformed.

    Together, these insights and tools will enable you to predict and evaluate how accelerating technologies are transforming your industry, your organisation, your career, and your life.

    Our Wavia & SingularityU Australia faculty have an impressive breadth and depth of expertise across a wide range of topics. When you attend an Executive Program, you’ll also benefit from our impressive array of extraordinary guest speakers, including leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and world-class experts.

    You will leave Executive Program with an exponential vision for the future. 

  • Why the application process?

    The ​application process for the​ Executive Program is not based on a reservation system. Each applicant must apply and is reviewed based on his/her individual merit.

    The first step is to submit an application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement notice in your inbox, please check your spam folder (and mark as safe if found there).

    We use​ a holistic review to consider many factors including seniority and influence in one's industry or organisation, passion for having a positive impact in the world, and a desire to join the SU community.

    As each applicant is individually reviewed, please be thoughtful with your responses on the application. The application should be completed by the applicant, not by an assistant, as information should be reflective of the applicant's passions and viewpoints.

    We will get back to you between 24 - 48 hours. 

    When an applicant is approved for admission, an Offer of Admission notice is released.​ The applicant must complete registration and payment via the custom link in the offer notice within the stated time frame. Once both steps are completed, we will send welcome and logistics information for travel planning.

  • What does the program fee cover?

    Executive Program fees include the following:

    • All talks and workshop sessions
    • Accommodation
    • Meals
    • Excursion
  • How quickly do I need to accept my position and pay the program fee?

    The offer of admission notice will include all the information for you to complete registration and payment. To confirm your seat in the program, you must proceed to accept the offer of admission by completing registration and payment within the specified time frame.

  • Cancellation Policy

    • Notice up to 60 days prior to the program: full payment can be rolled over without penalty to a future EP that has availability.
    • Notice between 31-60 days before the start of the program: 50% of your payment would be applied to a future program. You will need to pay the balance to be confirmed for a future program.
    • Notice at 30 days or less: 100% of the payment is forfeited. You may rollover to a future program without having to re-apply, but will need to submit full payment to be confirmed for a future program.


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