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Founding successful start-ups and running affluent enterprises requires dedication, perseverance, and the majority of your attention. But as your business continues to flourish, thoughts about your personal finances shouldn't be left on the wayside. With Wavia Private Wealth, we ensure that you have a solid management strategy in place for your assets, just as you do for your business. 

Your finances – with you in mind

At WAVIA Private Wealth, our team provides you with flexible plans and options that meet both your long and short-term needs. And as we're supplier independent, we're free to select from an unlimited range of banks and services – meaning that you get a finance strategy that has only your best interests in mind. Whether you need clarity with planning your superannuation and estate, or guidance navigating insurance policies, WAVIA Private Wealth supports you every step of the way.

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Leave no stone left unturned

Get your financial affairs coordinated and documented to protect your best interests – and those of your loved ones.

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For better
or for worse

With insurance and investments, you'll be prepared for the myriad of challenges that life throws your way.

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Get the most out of your assets

Expert counsel helps you identify suitable investment opportunities, as well as minimise your expenses and increase your profit margin.

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You can't take it with you

Leave a generous legacy behind by ensuring your finances are secure and in order.

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Info Booklet

Successful business owners should also have lucrative personal finance plans. Having a strategy in place secures your growing wealth and ensures that your assets stay where they should – in your hands

Inside this booklet, you'll find how WAVIA Private Wealth:

  • Gets you the most out of your investment properties
  • Ensures your assets are protected
  • And nurtures your superannuation