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Online, March 23 & 24, 2021



2021 SingularityU Australia Summit Program*

Unleash Your Superhero.

What do Equality, Equity and Social Justice have to do with it?

*program is subject to change, thank you for your patience

Day 1

Wellness Calibration
Acknowledgement of Country
with Cherie Johnson
Steve Leonard, CEO, SingularityU Rob Hillard, Chief Transformation Officer, Deloitte Asia Pacific
We Are The Futuremakers
with Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys
Lisa and Christina will set expectations for Summit 2021. Responsibility for the future lies with each of us. How does this roll onto our families and communities, our workplaces and our country? How can Australia have a disproportionate impact on global activities so we are a force in creating #AFutureByDesign.
Education and Learning
The Circle of Life
with Cherie Johnson
The wisdom of the elders transcends time and place. Simplicity, truth and authenticity, all attributes of great leadership and organisational impact.
Future Starters: How A Shift In Mindset Can Help You Create The Future
with Oren Berkovich
What does it mean to lead in an era of accelerating change? When is past experience a useful superpower and when does it create blindspots that limit your imagination? We all know that tomorrow is unpredictable, unknown, and unexpected. So how can we lead successfully in today’s high-pressure, high-performance day-to-day? Futurestarters explores superpowers, blindspots and the six different essential mindsets we must leverage in order to create #AFutureByDesign.
What is Lifelong Learning? Where do past, present and future intersect? What role does tech play?
in conversation with moderator Christyna Serrano (USA) and panelists: Oren Berkovich (CAN), Fiona Anson (AUS), Dan Fish (AUS)
From the classroom to the boardroom, conversations centred on lifelong learning are happening globally and locally. How do we ensure the lessons of the past are embedded in those of the future? How do we narrow the gap between ideation and execution?
Morning Tea
Health and Wellbeing
Rewiring the Exponential Human from the Inside-Out
with Dr Divya Chander (USA)
We are entering a future in which human senses, capabilities and cognition are being augmented. Exponential technology - stem cells, AI, robots, and machines - coupled with new read-write capabilities to the digitized genetic and neural code, have made it possible for humans to surpass the capabilities they were born with. We will explore how this may increase human longevity and give us new brains, bodies and senses, essentially giving birth to a new form of superhuman. Or perhaps force the human-directed evolution of Homo sapiens.
Tech For Good: How Will Wellness be Revolutionised By Technology?
in conversation with moderator Christina Gerakiteys and panelists: Simone Planté (AUS), Naveen Jain (USA), Bianca Phillips (AUS), Divya Chander (USA)
Café Conversation - Inside Out
with Naveen Jain (USA) and Lisa Andrews (AUS)
Naveen and Lisa discuss the exploration and discoveries of the human microbiome and the increased capacity for wellness to be measured in the home. With life expectancy and wellness increasing, what does this mean for the future of humanity?
Enhancing Our Lives, Health and Wellbeing… The Secret Bio-hack Called “Food & Nutrition”
in conversation with moderator Vanessa Matthijssen (AUS) and panelists: Prof. Lesley Braun, Dr. Steph Allen and Dr. Shelley Roberts
Afternoon Tea
Ethics in the 21st Century
Ethical conversation and hypothetical
with moderator Jon Yeo (AUS) and panelists Alissa Proctor, Nicole Vincent, Brad Twynham, Sophia Symeou
Wrap for the day
Time to party, gratefully

Day 2

Wellness recalibration
Welcome to Day 2
with Soul Machines (NZ)
Making the Impossible Possible; the unconventional hero's journey
with Kunal Sood
This keynote will focus on positively disrupting the human experience using technological innovation to usher in a Social Impact Revolution, whereby impacting a billion lives will be more powerful than just making a billion dollars over the next decade.The dynamics of social entrepreneurship in today’s world affect how companies raise funds and thrive in the future.
Governance and Society
Tipping Points – Predicting our Future with Data
with Dr. Wolfgang Fengler (SA)
What will be the composition of societies by 2030 and which countries and demographics will see the greatest business opportunities? How will this affect governance in Australia, a country of 28m and what impact will be possible?
Amplified: Exponential Music & the Hearables Revolution
with Frank Fitzpatrick featuring Musical Performance by Ciaran Gribbin
What is it that makes music one of the most emotionally engaging forms of technology on the planet? And how is it about to become a game-changer in the world of human potential and wearable tech? Two Grammy-nominated songwriters - Exponential Medicine Music and Wellness lead Frank Fitzpatrick and former lead singer of INXS, Ciaran Gribbin, join forces to open your minds and ears as we enter the Decade of Sound.
Morning Tea
Out of the shadows and into the light: how technology helps unleash one's identity
with Dr. Mariana Dahan (AUS)
This keynote will reveal what is at the centre of all the transactions and interactions in the digital world; what more than 1 billion people are missing every day and what each of us might need, as well, to be able to thrive in a constantly changing environment.
Time for Change; by the people
in conversation with moderator Katy Cooper (AUS) and panelists: Dr. Mariana Dahan (AUS) and Dr. Wolfgang Fengler (SA) Taylor Hawkins (AUS)
2020 unleashed the power of ‘the voice’. People spoke en masse and governments began to listen. Movements gained velocity and change rippled. What next?
Climate and Environment
A Super Planet
with Nicki Hutley (AUS)
For too long we have focussed on the costs of addressing climate change, without looking at the benefits. Failure to move quickly to a net zero world will literally cost us the planet, but action now can turn our planet Earth into a Super Planet, generating economic and social prosperity alongside environmental harmony. In this talk, we look at why we need to take the higher road and the opportunities for growth that will come from this. We also look at how economists value the lives of future generations compared with our own and the implications for climate action.
1 Million Women for a Super Planet
with Natalie Isaacs
The New Metrics
World Premier - Teslasuit
Through the Looking Glass
Join us as we premier Teslasuit across the globe in association with HTC, Virtureal and Microsoft. Haptics and holograms, games and adventures!
New Intelligence for the Human Age
with Penny Locaso
In this keynote Penny Locaso will explore with you what it means to be human and how cultivating a new kind of intelligence, one that focuses on intentionally adapting,can provide a platform for us to not only survive but to thrive. Even in unprecedented moments of crisis.
Afternoon Tea
Beyond the summit: unleashing the superhero within
with Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys
Ideation without execution is hallucination. Beyond the summit, how will you create impact and how will you encourage those in your sphere of influence to join you?
Bounce Forward
with Sam Cawthorn
Discover how Bounce Forward is the surest way to embrace the future by learning from crisis and failures and moving into innovation and forward thinking.

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