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13/08/2020 10:31:16 AM

There is so much happening in the world. It is as if the worst of us is rising to the top ready to be skimmed off, leaving the depth of us, the heart and soul of us, ready to walk into a new future. 

We can list the atrocities and unrest, the lack of unity and loud divisions yet that will only serve to depress our energy. So let's imagine instead.

Imagine a world where we have reset what it means to be human. Imagine a world where we have remodelled our social and governance structures. Imagine a world where we co-exist in unity, working together toward constant growth and development.

In this world we harness the best of everything we know to create a sustainable future. We care for the planet and respect how she tends our needs. We respect all sentient beings and value the purpose they serve. We embrace technology for the benefits and freedoms it affords us. 

If we can imagine it, we can create it. If we want to. If we leave our ego at the door and think of those we wish to serve. If we put our energies towards good - clean drinking water, feeding the planet, de-polluting the oceans, ensuring no-one is left behind - we will find there is little we cannot achieve. The world is rife with opportunity. The convergence of technologies offers solutions never before imagined. We are on our way to Mars. What can't we achieve on earth?

Put your energies to work for the betterment of humanity. Start the conversations that will lead to action. Imagine you are a child in 2050. What are you reading about the legacy of 2020. How have we changed the world for good?

IMG_2509Photo by Christina Gerakiteys