Strangers to Uncertainty No More

Uncertainty is a word that has been increasingly used to describe life during 2020. Traditionally, if we are uncertain, then we are unsure. We might doubt or view something with suspicion. We might mistrust or hold to skepticism.

We can't be certain about so much at present - how we found ourselves in this bizarre situation, the best way out, when it will end, the future of work and health and education and so much more!

In fact the only thing we can be certain of, is that life is uncertain. Yet hasn't it always been?

Walking back through history, can you find a period, a time, a place where certainty reigned? On the spin of a coin, a weather disaster might occur, a man might walk on the moon, a fashion trend might change, countries might go to war, you might have to move residence or countries or continents, and you just might find peace and contentment. 

I wonder what it might be like to view uncertainty as an adventure? A crazy ride taking you into a world of discovery and growth. An exciting gallop into the new possibilities and mysteries that life on this planet might hold?

Uncertainty is a mindset. And as a mindset, we are either in control or at its whim. Uncertainty is when a force grabs hold of you, shakes and spins you round and lets you go forth in a direction of your choice. 

Embrace uncertainty for the opportunities it offers. If we are uncertain we can't be 'set', and if we are not 'set', then we are portable and agile and flexible and adaptable and ready for whatever opportunities come our way.

Breath it in. Ground yourself in your purpose and beliefs. Then let the winds of change, the currents of uncertainty, take you to where you are meant to be.