The Time For Positive

COVID-19 is an accelerant. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an accelerant is a substance that makes the progress or growth of something faster, especially something that helps a fire to burn. Zoom out and there are 'fires' all over the planet. Many of them need putting out so we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. If we choose to.


A phoenix is a spiritual totem representing strength and renewal. It symbolises transformation. We are at the precipice of a huge transformation. The question is, which path will we choose? Are the voices of love or the voices of fear playing louder in our hearts and heads? 


Calling all collaborators, purveyors of love and peace, optimists, seekers of social justice, humanitarians and egalitarians - the world needs you. Now. More than ever we need to work together for the common good of all. We have the opportunity to recreate, to repair and to heal. Entrepreneurs the world over are creating businesses that address humanity's grand challenges. At our lowest moments we are helping the greatest number of our global family. We are reassessing and re-evaluating everything.


Yes, parts of the world are in lockdown again. It's a fact that we can't travel abroad any time soon. Yes we are in unknown territory and the only certainty is uncertainty. So let's support the communities that need us. Let's travel within our countries, within our states, explore our own cities and regions. Let's practise agility, the pivoting and the adapting of which we so often speak. Let's practise kindness and compassion, collaboration and consideration. Especially consideration. Every action we take has a consequence. Make it a positive one. 


The Time For Positive

Together we will affect the outcome of this time in history. What will be our legacy? How will we be remembered?