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ACME Collider 2022

Apply to earn a spot alongside OneOf, Atlas Entertainment, and MetaGood in Acme Innovation’s flagship Collider program, brought to you in partnership with WAVIA.

Acme Innovation invests in, supports, and incubates high-growth companies and protocols at the nexus of music, media, and Web3. Our mission is to leverage Web3 technology to address the inequalities and inefficiencies in the music and media industries and enable creators—and their teams—to build sustainable careers on their own terms.

Now, Acme Innovation is excited to announce its Collider program. 

Acme Collider provides founders the access they need to mentorship, specific domain expertise across music, gaming, and creative IP, and Acme’s portfolio and investor community to successfully scale business, raise significant capital, and crystalize their Web3 competitive advantage

Acme Collider differs from other accelerators by carefully curating a cohort that includes both companies that have already raised initial funding and brought a product to market, as well as new startups early in their development. This approach encourages and embraces “collisions” between like-minded founders across adjacent or orthogonal industries and stages in order to generate accretive value through the unexpected ideas and breakthroughs that occur in this type of setting. In this way, Collider amplifies creativity and unexpected learnings, while minimizing the group-think and echo-chamber environments that tend to provide little real value.   

The program will bring together a cohort of 10 world-class businesses with Acme’s ecosystem of advisors, mentors, and investors, beginning with a five-day, in-person immersion in Southern California in November. This will be followed by a two-month series of online sprints to focus companies on their go-to-market and fundraising strategies, culminating in a demo day with Acme’s investor community.

Two participants per accepted startup are invited to the in-person immersion at La Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes, California from Sunday, November 13 through Thursday, November 17. Acme Collider will cover the cost of meals and accommodation for participants, while attendees will be responsible for the cost of travel.

Application Criteria:

To apply, startups must: 

  1. Have already secured a friends and family, angel, or seed round;

  2. Have a detailed plan to bring a product to market and successfully demonstrate product-market fit;

  3. Embrace Web3 as an integral part of their value proposition;

  4. Be one of two types of companies in the music, gaming, and/or creative IP industries:

    • Web3-native companies building in these industries; or

    • Established Web2 companies adopting Web3 technology.



Sunday Nov 13th - Thursday Nov 17th, 2022


Terranea Resort

100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275 

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