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Lisa Andrews

Lisa Andrews is a sought after speaker and futurist who describes herself as an Energised Introvert inspired by a future of perfect knowledge, having her own Jarvis and Ironman suit as well as being able to send Care Bear Stare focus to the world. 

With a financial, data and engineering background Lisa is working on the question ‘how to give everyone a fair start in life and maximise human potential at each stage throughout life'.

She has dedicated her life to having a positive impact in this world, primarily:

  1. As CEO of WAVIA 'removing the friction of financial, human and community capital';

  2. As international faculty for Singularity University 'Educating, empowering and inspiring leaders to use exponential technology to solve the world's grand challenges';

Lisa had her first successful exit from an engineering business in 2012 and is now an investor in multiple companies that focus on profit with purpose.

She is currently working on projects with international organisations such as Singularity University, United Nations, ACTAI, Extreme Tech Challenge and EO. Focusing on solving the worlds greatest challenges with exponential technologies. As a future maker and strategic planner - she sees the first step as achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the second creating a vision for the world in the next 100 years.