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Hit Pause, Consider and Act

20/05/2021 8:21:16 AM

It's time we took a collective breath. Time to stop and look each other in the eye and ask ourselves what we stand for. 

It's time, to take time, to contemplate what is important in life. Time to make a difference in any and every way we can. 

We are big on action. We believe in the power of the individual, in the community, in movements. So here are some easy actions to take on this day, this week for the rest of our lives, to make a difference. 

Climate: Refuse plastic bags and packaging. Our grandparents survived without them.

Health: Increase fruit intake by one piece per day and sleep by half an hour. 

Education: Read information on any of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aligned organisations and actions, then tell a friend!

Mental Health: Take up walking, meditating, mindfulness, yoga or any other practise that creates a pause. Commit for 5 minutes a day. That's all it takes to start. 

Random Acts of Kindness: Share a smile, pay for a coffee, help someone across the street, donate anything (money, time, clothes, a cake).

World Peace: Work on your own relationships, in your families and immediate communities. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes and make an effort to appreciate different perspectives. Have the philosophical discussions and when you have to, agree to respectfully disagree. 

We need to create ripple effects. The ripples need to begin now. If you are ready, join a movement about an issue you feel strongly about. If you're brave, start a movement. Be the difference. 

It's time to make a stand for peace, unity, love, equality, education, the environment, refugees and human rights. The cry for human unity has never sounded louder.