The Good Guys Win

Our friends in South Africa are struggling. They have just entered level four lockdown as a result of a third COVID wave. Many of our colleagues are ill after struggling with the virus for several weeks. Senses of taste and smell have yet to return. Energy levels are at fatigue. 

In Australia we have lockdowns and restrictions in the majority of major cities. 

In Europe and the USA there is a cautious awakening of cities. 

And globally, the conspiracy theories persist. From the Illuminati taking over the world (still/again) to the depositing of microchips into our brains through COVID nasal swabs which will apparently be ignited when 5G towers are activated and cause us all to acquire dementia. Really? Why?

I'm wondering from where the theories are originating. I choose not to live in their fear. After all, in the Sci-Fi movies and series I have watched, the good-guys win! Those seeking truth and justice and equality for all. 

I like winning teams. Especially when the benefits of the wins are far reaching and produce happy hormones. So I'm dedicating the rest of my life (longevity here I come) to the good guys. To creating a world of unconditional love, enabling technology to scale moonshots that eliminate poverty, feed the world, provide shelter for all, educate and uplift everyone, and provide clean water all over our planet. 

Our newsletter today highlights how technology is positively impacting the environment, our health and a way to end starvation. 

So what will you dedicate your life to, in order to make the world a better place?

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