The Inherent Interconnectedness of All

Connections. We've been discussing them a lot this week.


COVID-19 has stretched our concept of connections. Stuck behind computers, physically distanced, there were times we wondered if deep and authentic connection was possible. Now we know it is. 


Not that we want to replace physical connection with a screen. Still we have realised that it's not a bad alternative. Over the last months we've connected with our team, with our SingularityU colleagues all over the globe and with wonderful members of our community on workshops, webinars and podcasts.


Last Thursday evening, five of our expert faculty took part in TEDx Melbourne. There were twelve speakers all up and we spoke on everything from new systems of government to leaving a legacy, to what it was like to be a refugee packing your bag (singular) to leave your home and not know where you would land. Empathy and compassion were overflowing. So at times were the tears. All talks were delivered virtually. The connections and the emotion transcended the technology. 


We've also been connecting the COVID-19 dots. Data released this week from the Centres of Disease Control in the USA highlights "the death rates amongst Black and Hispanic/Latino people are much higher than for white people in all categories". You can read the whole article here. The point is that there is a socio-economic factor connected to the COVID-19 factor. There is also an environmental factor connected, with hypotheses linking destruction of forests, the trading of animals and high density living to the pandemic. 


Everything is connected. Everything is interdependent. We are inter-global. Our lives are interwoven. 


Let's interweave our hearts and minds and create the change we want to see in the world. Let's look to treating each other equally, with respect and kindness, compassion and love.


Let's leave a legacy we can be proud of. For our children.