Leadership - Who Is Looking Up To You?

Leadership. It should be synonymous with respect, authenticity, trust, morality, ethical behaviour, honesty, courage and unity. Actually, during a leadership workshop, the cohort listed 57 traits in five minutes and still the list wasn't exhaustive. 


At a time when the world is facing unprecedented changes and events, when we have been tilted on our axis and have been 'shaken not stirred', we want to know that what our leaders say unites us, and that we can rely on their word to hold fast. We need to have confidence in their decisions. And be able to admire their vulnerability. 


Before we ask these things of those making the hard decisions, those leaders doing their selfless best (well in most cases) to guide us, we need to demand the same standards from ourselves. Otherwise hypocrisy will infiltrate all aspects of our lives and communities.


You see, it doesn't matter if you are leading yourself, your family, community, colleagues at work - someone is guaranteed to be looking up to you, looking toward you for guidance and some direction, on how to set their moral compass.


An effective leader listens. To their conscience, to their community and to expert advisors. And then they make informed decisions that they take responsibility for. When something goes wrong, they don't look to blame but rather look to mend and repair. When something goes right they celebrate with those around them.


Whatever expectations you have of global leaders, be the exemplification first. Live as you want those who lead you to live. Keep the standards high. Our children's futures are at stake.


As we enter the future, be kind, be respectful, be forgiving and add your energy to creating #AFutureByDesign.