Now Is The Time for Unity...and the Joy of UBUNTU!

Egalité is the French word for equality. Egalitarianism, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is defined as believing that all people are equally important and should have the same rights and opportunities in life


Equal opportunity as a birthright, dismisses the divisive nature of the labels that do indeed divide us: gender, race, religion, colour, age, social, economic, spiritual and species.


Throughout history, egalitarianism has often been desired and envisioned. It is now time to ensure it is our future. First we need to consciously and collectively choose it. Intend it. Then we need to transform and create impact.


And we need to choose to bring that Future on now. 


Does it matter that philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was discussing inequality in the 1750s? Yes. And no. Can it help us create the future we desire to understand the past? Maybe.


Do we need to be educated any further about why we should fix this? No. Enough is enough. Let's bring on the Future now. 


Our global SingularityU Community spans more than 77 countries. We cross religious divides, gender and age, sexual orientation and any of the other categories that divide. We work together to meet the Global Grand Challenges. We share resources. We lift each other up. Our vision is amplified in our unity. 


As we progress into a future that continues to take us by surprise and insists we change the way we have lived up to this particular moment, don't lose site that all it truly takes for bad things to happen, is for good people to do nothing. We all have a voice. We all have a heart.


Let our minds create the words of change.

Let our hearts deliver them with compassion.

Let our bodies walk side by side, together as one.


As we enter the future, be kind, be respectful, be forgiving and add your energy to creating #AFutureByDesign. 8.18_A101_MGL7962