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Dan Fish

A Futurist focussed on education and unlocking exponential learning in a digital age

A futurist, thought leader and entrepreneur in education & technology, Dan is passionate about the important role these industries play at a societal level. After a successful career in advertising he spent a number of years working in child welfare for both international and local NGOs. Here he saw the very real impact education, or a lack there of, could have on the planet. The last 15 years have been spent working for a number of successful technology businesses with a particular leaning towards education, career & the future of work.
Most recently Dan has held leadership positions at Australian success story SEEK and now heads up strategy at GO1; another exciting Australian start-up backed by SEEK, Microsoft and Salesforce in recent rounds of fundraising. Dan believes in the exponential opportunity that now exists, thanks to technology, in helping democratise education and support personalised & contextualised lifelong learning.

Speaking and Workshop Topics

  • The Age of Data & Exponential Learning
  • The Future of Education
  • How Life Long Learning is critical to the Future of Work
  • What is our Digital Learning Wallet

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