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Kathryn Sforcina

Kathryn is SingularityU Australia expert faculty

Kathryn Sforcina has over 20 years of senior management, c-suite and board-level experience with expert level experience in innovation, frontier technologies and other sectors. She has successfully globalised a number of companies and as such has experience in almost all global markets including EMEA, USA, CHINA and APAC regions.
Kathryn wears many hats which include serving on the UNFCCC Resilience Frontiers think tank and as a Co-Chair for The Emergency and Incident Response Track for Automation and Robotics Government Initiative and as the founder of OneTribe: Live.
Kathryn’s expertise is as a visionary solutionist. She works to solve wicked problems through the ideation, strategy and execution of solutions that solve global and organisational challenges to produce outcomes that contribute to the future of our civilisations and their ecosystems. She is recognised for her unique ability to join the dots between seemingly disparate phenomena, frontier technologies, resources and decision-makers needed to activate these solutions in order to bring about transformational outcomes.


Speaking and Workshop Topics

  • The Future of Civilisations
  • The Transformation of Tribes
  • Unusual Business: The future of our people and planet
  • What will it take to make it to 2050?

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