Katy Cooper

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Katy Cooper

Knowing what you don't know and being ready for what you can't see are the greatest capabilities you can have to lead the future.

Katy helps organisations build strategic plans for a future they can’t see yet. She develops leaders who can lead through ambiguity and change. She helps organisations understand the future, driven through transformation and the application of exponential technologies, and equips organisations to see what leading that future looks like. She is an energetic, highly skilled collaborator, speaker and facilitator who is also a proud Tasmanian.
Katy has over 20 years’ experience in financial services, retail, customer experience and strategic management, human resources, tourism and hospitality and technology industries. She is obsessively curious about ideas and the potential that collaboration has for exponential growth in businesses, communities and civilisations. She is passionate about the future of value exchange and believes data has value beyond what we can imagine and that 'impact' is a future currency.


Speaking and Workshop Topics

  • Future of Data: Sovereignty or Surrender
  • Future of Leadership: Making sense of a Future you can’t see yet.
  • Exponential Thinking

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