Dr Kellie Nuttall

Smart Cities · Mobility · Data Science · Artificial Intelligence


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Kellie Nuttall

Helping create a better transport system for tomorrow through the adoption of exponential technologies

Kellie leads Deloitte's Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Practice in Australia and is passionate about working with organisations to turn data into insight and embed AI and Cognitive technologies into business and government to deliver a better world.
Kellie is a self-confessed transport geek and leads the charge on all things Future of Mobility related in Deloitte. She is an expert in the role that AI, Digital Twins and other emerging technologies will play in optimising the future of mobility, delivering a safer, more efficient, reliable and customer-centric experience for all system users.


Speaking and Workshop Topic

  • Creating an Optimal Reality: Bringing F1 thinking to transport system management
  • Where’s my jetpack? What does the future of mobility have in store for us?

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