Nick Burnett

Reimagining the Future of Education and Learning


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Nick Burnett

Nick is an Education and Learning Entrepreneur and Futurist

Nick has a particular interest and expertise in the areas of exponential technologies and their possible impact on education and learning. Whilst interested in all facets and technologies his particular focus is on the K12 sector and the role immersive tech, AI, Blockchain and AI in enabling learners to learn better, teachers to teach better and leaders to lead better.
Nick is recognised as a thought leader and entrepreneur in the education and learning space having been involved in the development of a range of products and services to support human excellence. He has been a teacher, senior leader and school principal, and, since 2004, coach, trainer, facilitator, consultant, author and presenter to anyone with an interest and passion in supporting learning.


Speaking and Workshop Topic

  • The Emerging Futures of Learning
  • The Emerging Futures of Education
  • Leading The Futures of Education
  • Shock and AWE workshops on Exponential Technologies


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