Peter Xing

Transhumanism · Artificial Intelligence · Corporate Innovation


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Peter is a keynote speaker and writer on transhumanism and emerging technologies. He is the co-founder of Transhumanism Australia, a community of technologists dedicated to helping society transcend the limitations of our human biology using science and technology. He also works on technology and growth initiatives at KPMG, helping organisations navigate and flourish in these unprecedented times of accelerating change and disruption. Peter is part of the SingularityU Australia team as an advisory board member. He is also an executive member of Science Party Australia, a political party committed to upholding the scientific method in policymaking.
Peter works on co-designing the strategy and developing solutions for businesses in preparation for the impact of automation from emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology and the internet of things in every industry. He manages projects which automate the delivery of actionable business insights to leadership using digital, data and design principles.


Speaking and Workshop Topic

  • COVID-19: Opportunities for automation and remote services
  • Super-Intelligent Organisations: Business Models For The AI Era
  • The Platform Wars: How competing software, hardware and political ideology could accelerate existing divisions in humanity into the future
  • Transhumanism: The next logical step in our evolution

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