Wade Tink

General Manager & Director at Project Everest


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Wade is the General Manager & Director of Project Everest, an organisation committed to solving the world’s social issues through the power of enterprise. Currently operating across seven countries with programs through the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, Project Everest achieves its objectives by leveraging University students who develop social ventures through academic coursework as part of their degrees. In operation since 2014 the organisation has expanded recently as it moves to successfully scale up its operations.
Prior to heading Project Everest Wade worked in finance as a wealth adviser in both the corporate environment in Centric Wealth and UBS Investment Bank as well as in a start-up where he built Wealth Enhancers Sydney Business. Whilst working in finance Wade was responsible for Leadership Development at 40K Globe where he built structures which enabled the 10-fold expansion of the business over three and a half years.
Wade has presented to business and corporate audiences on leadership including the Entourage, Engineering Associations and listed companies such as Downer EDI and Optus.

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