Creating beautiful, sustainable clothing globally

The environmental effects of the fashion industry are urgent and demand action. Taking inspiration from Iceland’s resilience and protective nature, Katla was created to take lead in an industry requiring sustainable change.


There are a multitude of ways in which a fashion label can be sustainable. We aim to embrace and integrate as many as possible. At Katla, we use environmentally friendly and animal cruelty-free fabrics, manufacture on-demand to minimize waste, offer a resale/recycle program for Katla clothing that is no longer being used, and even put a unique tracking number on every garment so that customers can learn about who made their items and where the fabrics came from.


Our hope is to influence the fashion industry to commit to embracing sustainable initiatives in all facets of the business. We hope that our impact lies in inspiring other companies to do the same, as well as impacting the environment in a positive way. We also seek to educate consumers about the importance of their decisions when it comes to the clothing they wear.