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'Haptic feedback' virtual reality Teslasuit can simulate everything from a bullet to a hug

ABC News

5 Tips with Declan Edwards

Inspire for 5

5 Steps In The Journey Of Telehealth

Inspire For 5

5 Points Of Inspiration with Mark and Jodi from Rush Gold

Inspire for 5

Doing Tech Transfer Right In Australia

Tech Transfer IP

The Future of Work: A Global Perspective - Christina Gerakiteys

Next: Work - A SingularityU Global Digital Summit

Episode 16 - Christina Gerakiteys

DevReady Podcast

Roaring 20s: What changes lie ahead?


‘How Can I’ Innovation Interview: Christina Gerakiteys, SingularityU Australia

Informa Connect

The World After COVID-19

Florence Guild Conversations

How AI can be leveraged for the increasing threats of future pandemics

COVID-19 Virtual Summit

Polarizing the positive and negative of pandemics and putting it into action

COVID-19 Virtual Summit

5 Milestones to Impact with Swoop Aero

Inspire for 5

Opportunities for more automation and remote delivery of goods and services

COVID-19 Virtual Summit

How you can take action during times of uncertainty

COVID-19 Virtual Summit

2020 predictions from some of Australia’s most experienced technology leaders

Gov Tech Review Q4 2019

5 Points with Venus Ranieri

Inspire for 5

Is 'AQ' more important than intelligence?

BBC Worklife 101

5 Questions to Ponder with Franziska Iseli

Inspire for 5

Two Novocastrian women launch SingularityU in Australia

Hunter Headline

How technology is being used to solve Australia’s greatest problems

CEO Magazine

SingularityU Australia Summit: Exciting, Educational And Empowering

Women Love Tech

“Be the next Tesla”: Why Aussie startups are in a prime position to ride a global renewable energy boom

Smart Company

Australia as an Exponential Connector


Celebrate innovation, communication and all things technology at the SingularityU Australia Summit

Hunter Business Review

Programming the Future of Life


SingularityU Australia chief Christina Gerakiteys on why positivity can boost startups and the economy too

Smart Company

Today Tonight

Channel 7 News

Studio 10

Darling Harbour conference showcases latest in wearable technology

Channel 7 News

A haptic suit – what could go wrong? on Blueprint for Living with Jonathan Green on RN

ABC Radio

Storytelling X Technology For a Better Future

Digital Storytellers

Enhancing Human Experience

Words With Oz Podcast

5 Times Faster with Bryan Talebi

Inspire for 5

5 Points Of Difference With Project Everest Ventures

Inspire for 5

5 Things That Inspired Kunal Sood

Inspire for 5

5 Points Of Inspiration with Mark and Jodi from Rush Gold

Inspire for 5

Ignite UtopiaX and Singularity University Partner to Launch SingularityU Australia


5 Things That Have Inspired Jos Dirkx

Inspire for 5

Meet the organisers behind October’s big tech conferences in Sydney

Tech Life Sydney


Weekend Australian

5 Life Lessons with Sahil Harriram

Inspire for 5

5 Things Changing The Way We Live, and The Shape of Our Cities with Nicki Hutley

Inspire for 5

5 Challenges and Opportunities Presented by Technology with Mariana Dahan

Inspire for 5

Christina Gerakiteys - UtopiaX & SingularityU

Welcome to Day One

5 Trends That Will Impact The Human Race with Bryan Talebi

Inspire for 5

5 Learnings from Singularity University with Usman Iftikhar

Inspire for 5

5 Moments of Inspiration from GSP19 with Dr. James Hehre

Inspire for 5

5 Inspiring People with Sophia Symeou

Inspire for 5

5 Inhibitors of Innovation Programs with Mike Hatrick

Inspire for 5

5 Inspirations to Education Modified with Melissa Corto

Inspire for 5

5 Points on Ethics and Exponentials in the 21st Century with Christina Gerakiteys

Inspire for 5

5 W's with Mladen Jovanovic

Inspire for 5

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