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OUR MISSION is to educate, empower and inspire Australians to have a disproportionate positive impact globally, using technology to scale.


Co-creating Learning

Together we co-create a calendar of learning for your organisation dependent on your desired outcomes. Are you focussed on internal transformation, changing your position in the market or positioning yourself as a thought leader with your clients?

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Conscious Leadership in Crises and Beyond

Key ways to be the leader you want to see in the world.  Build courage and a growth mindset.

The starting point is to understand how you lead best and also to assess what characteristics may be holding you back from being the best version of yourself as a leader.


The Radical Leadership Series

With Brad Twynham

Gaining stability in uncertain times - Explore what it takes to lead into the uncertainty of the present. What  will it take to lead with strength, empathy, strategy and humanity?



AI - Be Prepared for the Exponential Change

  • Understand how AI is being used in practice to manage customer experiences, operations, and business support functions
  • Develop a point of view on how to lead business transformation through AI
  • Insights for ethical and responsible AI initiatives
HumAIn Executive Program

Start With Why

Imagine this. You ask me what I do. I could respond with, “I run workshops on Vision and Values, Design Thinking, Innovation and The Future of Work. I also run Innovation programs for organisations, so they can harness the input of their staff to increase productivity, improve workplace happiness and improve the bottom line”.

Or I could say, “I open hearts and minds, inspiring impossible to possible. Everything I do is about ensuring you reach your potential”.

We will workshop strategies that will inspire you to set your goals high, determine the actions you need to reach them, and build a great team and client base along the way. And what’s more, it’s all based in science and research.

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Transformation Mastermind

Covid-19 has left many leaders feeling isolated and unable to find networking support at a higher level. Transformation Mastermind is a place for expert advice in a safe environment, valuing the collective and transformational mindset and exponential thinking.

  • Help you grow and develop
  • Transform your leadership skills and expand your mindset
  • Hold you accountable to hitting goals
  • Provide a space for smart, honest and kind feedback for people to grow in community with each other
  • Increase opportunities for collaboration
  • Provide mentoring and mastermind opportunities
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