SingularityU Australia Wellness Program

Online 1st-31st March, 2021




If you're going to help solve the biggest problems that we face in the world, then you need to nurture your own well being first.

Then we can use the best of what transformative technologies have to offer to fuel us on our mission.


This is why Health and Wellness are 2 of the key themes at the SingularityU Australia Summit in 2021.


#UnleashYourSuperhero by joining us to amp up your superpowers.

Learn to nurture your energy with easy, sustainable practices so you can have real impact by creating the vision of the future you want to see - both in yourself and in our shared external world. 

Running March 1st - 31st, and encompassing the Summit, is The SingularityU Australia Wellness Program

Join more than 50 leading experts from different worlds, coming together to help you and your team Find EQUILIBRIUM - to increase your energy, grit, creativity, productivity and balance, every single day.


Each week of the Program, you will enjoy 10 new pre-recorded short lessons including:

  • Daily activities to sample such as meditation, yoga and movement

  • Expert shows for you to learn from:

    • The Big Bite Interviews with Deloitte’s Head of Consumer Goods, Vanessa Matthijssen

    • Future Foods by the Future Food Company

    • The Conscious Accelerator Experience

    • The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Show

  • Live check-ins to answer your questions 

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Wellness Festival Program

The programme is built around the EQu System (TM) for Mindset & Emotional Wellbeing
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The Wellness Program launches on March 1st and runs through until March 31st.

Each week, 10 videos will be uploaded aligned to the following themes:

Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell

Founder & CEO of RAW Energy & Co-Founder, Finding EQUILIBRIUM
Vanessa Matthijssen

Vanessa Matthijssen

SU Faculty Member & Deloitte Australia Future of Food Lead
Chibs Okereke

Chibs Okereke

Resilience and Mindfulness Teacher and coach. Chief Mindfulness Officer at Finding EQUILIBRIUM
Benjamin Haynes

Benjamin Haynes

Founder and Director at The Medicine Man Sydney
Terri Canning

Terri Canning

Compass Group Chef/ Educator/ Food Stylist
Rebecca Probar Photo

Rebecca Probar

Accredited Practicing Dietician. Operations Manager –Allied Health & Nutrition of Compass Group
Steve Wood Photo

Steve Wood

Horticulturist & Media Presenter
Kate Fernandes Photo

Kate Fernandes

Workplace Psychologist, Compass Group

Precision Health Future Science Platform Lead at CSIRO
Benjamin Haynes

Benjamin Haynes

Medicine Man

Nick Mann

Managing Director of H&H Group ANZ
Dr Lesley Braun

Dr. Lesley Braun

Director of Blackmores Institute
Constantine Georgiou

Constantine Georgiou

CEO and Co-Founder of The Conscious Accelerator
Stephen Altair

Stephen Altair

Co-Founder of The Conscious Accelerator
Scott Robinson, founder of ‘Yogibanker’

Scott Robinson

Finance Professional, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, founder of ‘Yogibanker’
Holly Copeland

Holly Copeland

Co-Founder of The Conscious Accelerator
Ian Haycroft

Ian Haycroft

Co-Founder of The Conscious Accelerator
John King

John King

Co-Founder of The Conscious Accelerator
Haleigh Gray Photo

Haleigh Gray

Accredited Practicing Dietician. Nutrition Manager, Compass Group
Jo Rees Photo

Jo Rees

Accredited Practicing Dietician, PH-D Candidate Edith Cowan University
Adam Ward Photo

Adam Ward

Brand Development and Commercial Designer Compass Group

Download the Calendar for Daily Micro-hacks for Success

The full Wellness Programme is automatically open to all Summit attendees. 

Download the calendar to enjoy a month of wellness micro-hacks to implement easily every single day throughout March and set yourself up for success.